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Bhutanghat is 45 km distance from Alipurduar in West Bengal is located near the Bhutan border. The name Bhutanghat is known for its scenic beauty and the swift flowing River Raidak. Basically Bhutanghat is located in a mountainous landscape, fringed by hills and covered with elegant green forest. There is a 1904 forest bungalow close to the River bank but it is best to stay here during monsoon or just after the rains. Most of the tourist visit here only during the day time and before nightfall they return towards their base in Alipurduar, Jayanti, Rajabhatkhawa buxa and other places in the evening.

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Buxa Fort

The famous Buxa Fort is located at an altitude of 867 metres in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jalpaiguri district West Bengal. It is one of the earliest forts in Eastern India and it takes just 5km distance from Santarabari to rach Bixa Fort. it can be reached by one and half hour trekking also. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for one who visit in Buxa Tiger Reserve in Dooars. Buxa Fort is also related to long time history, as the fort was used as prison by the British. Many freedom fighters were imprisoned here during the British Rule. After Independence the Fort is served as a refugee camp for Tibetans and Bangladeshis. It is thrill to visit here and experience the all those stuffs especially for the novice trekkers. Buxa fort is the main trekking point towards lots of areas. To visit the place like historic ambience Buxa Fort is the perfect destination.

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Lepchakha Village

Lepchakha is a small serene village on the hilltop inside the Buxa Tiger Reserve and very close to Bhutan border. The place is surrounded by five popular peaks among which Mahakal, Chunabhatti and Rovers Point as together makes a great opportunity for trekking and excursion tour. It is also called a Drukpa village as they are the original inhabitant of the place. Basically these people are Bhutanese in origin and have unique culture different from Nepalese who dominate lower part of the hills. The architecture of the house, their lifestyle, their food all is very unique. The main attraction of Lepchakha is the view from hilltop which is enthralling. There is a big ground from where tourist can seat to observe the view of Dooars and almost the entire Buxa forest area is visible from here including every corner.

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Mahakal Cave Small and Big

Jayanti is situated in the middle of the Buxa Tiger Reserve is often termed as Queen of Dooars. Mahakal Cave is the most famous tourist spot in Jayanti. The stalactite cave of Mahakal is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations of Hindus. It is located near Bhutan border and is famous sightseeing tourist destination of Jayanti. To reach Mahakal one has to trek through dense forest beautiful hill area which is famous for bird watching and it takes 1hour 30 minutes to reach the cave. There are three adjacent caves hosting idols of different gods and goddesses. The first one has the idols of the trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara. The second and the middle one hold the idol of Lord Shiva while in the third one dwells the Goddess Mahakali.

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