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Binnaguri is a village of Dhupguri block of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal; it is a distance of 99 km from Siliguri. Binnaguri lies in deep Dooars country and close to Bhutan and Nepal border. Binnaguri is also covered by many Tea gardens likeTelepara Tea Garden, Banarhat Tea Garden, Karbala Tea Garden, Lakhipara Tea Garden, and Gandrapara Tea Garden which is very popular in Dooars region. People from Tea graden areas are fully dependent in Tea garden for initials. If there is a decline in tea industry the poverty and unemployment are increased in all the nearby areas.

Most of the employment opportunities apart from the tea gardens are in the Army Cantonment, an orphanage and a local chapter of the Dooars Branch of Indian Tea Association. The town is also covered by lots of educational institutions which help to grow the children mind in proper age and students are well aware of current trends regarding education, general knowledge etc. So Binnaguri is in the edge of beautiful attraction of Tea garden and surrounding tourist attraction.

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