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Ramsai is a trifling village of jalpaiguri district on the eastern side of Gorumara National Park. It is located at a distance of 77 km from siliguri. This place is around an Hour Journey from Lataguri. Just after Lataguri there is a road towards right side and through a village and that road goes to Ramsai. Now Ramsai became one of the impactful tourism in North berngal There were plenty of interesting places to visit around Ramsai, recent tourist development and increasing tourist movement in the area has brought prestige to the place. Another prominent place near Ramsai is Gourumara National park which enhances further development of Ramsai. The Medla watch tower of Gorumara National Park is located just next to Ramsai. The watch tower visit is unique as tourists are taken to there on bullock carts. This watch tower is also relatively easier to visit and restrictions are also limited. The another famous tourist spot is Butterfly Park, the park has facility for breeding butterflies and although the park does not have any sheathing , one can fully enjoy seeing hundreds of butterflies of different species which was out of the world feelings. There is another tourist accommodation here, Ramsai Rhino Camp which is surrounded by a water body and it can be approached by a foot bridge only.

On the other hand Kalipur Eco Village Camp is another eco-tourist accommodation inside the Gorumara National Park; it is only for the ideal nature lover person. Next Panbari just 3kms distance from Ramsai is the confluence of three major rivers of Dooars namely Murti, Jaldhaka and Diana, the River here named Jaldhaka further moved towards south and it takes the name Singamari before entering Bangladesh. The wide stretch of the riverbed at Panbari is inexplicable beauty. At last Jadavpur Tea Garden which is located just opposite to Ramsai Rhino Camp is also a heart of tourist movement area. Tourists may walk around the bushes with much worry of admonition.

Ramsai became one of the best tourism spot in North Bengal because of all these exquisite places and its true natural terrain.

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