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Suntalekhola or Suntaley Khola (also Suntaleykhola) is a small village and a tourist spot in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal. The altitude of the place ranges from 650 to 950 m. In Nepali, Suntaley means orange and khola means stream. This place is nearly 5 km from Samsing, which is also a small picturesque serene villag with full of tourist attraction. The green patch on the left side of the way to Suntalekhola is amazing and holds many varities of birds and butterflies. Species of birds are found here include pond heron, black eagle, hill partridge, red-vented bulbul, ashy wood pigeon,bronzed drongo, white-throated fantail, blue rock thrush, scarlet minivet, lesser racket-tailed drongo, rufous sibia, grey treepie, spangled drongo and common green magpie. SuntaleyKhola is surrounded by dense forested hills and Green Tea garden. No other sound of civilization seen here except the immense sound of chirping birds, and the roaring sound of the Suntale stream. Suntalekhola is known for its beautiful landscape with green tea gardens which gives tremendous feelings to visitors.

On the other side several trek routes originate from Suntalekhola, most of which are within the Neora Valley National Park which is located adjacent to this place and most treks are organised in the nearby areas of The National Park. Tourist can take a ride towards the `Tree Fern Point` and `Mo` or `Mo Chaki` for a great view of the Himalayas in one side and the plains of Dooars in the other. Visitor can also see the hills of Bhutan and Jelepla the pass connecting towards Tibet with India. The most enchanting and thrilling trek leads to the untouched wilderness of Neora Valley National Park. Trekking from Samsing to Suntalekhola will also bring travellers depth to the nature. The epic flow of mountain streams will attracts the visitor. The music of the rustling leaves and the hide and seek of shadow with the trickling sun-rays through the conifer leaves will take them to a pure and pristine world. They will be just brace the nature and lost in the attraction.

There are lots of nearby attraction in SuntaleyKhola like Fari busty, Rockey Island River Murti

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