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Oodlabari is a small town on the National Highway 31 that passes through Dooars. The small-scale town is located about 40 kms from Siliguri. On the west of the town is river Leesh and on its east is river Chel. Odlabari exist in the mid of between two river. To the south of the town, just 5 kms away is the forests of Baikunthapur with its famed for Kathambari range that is home of Asiatic elephants. Towards the North of Oodlabari, distance for about 4 kms to reach the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. The location of Oodlabari makes it one of the most striking destinations of Dooars. However the town itself has a wearisome look but is advanced to attract tourist for its real natural look.

One has to look beyond the solid houses on both sides of the road to get a feel of real Oodlabari. You may also drive south of town and soon will reach popular Oodlabari Tea Estate. After crossing the tea estate there is beautiful Kathambari forests. Few kilometres distance through the forest will take you to Gajoldoba barrage area on Teesta. The area is enriching with number of Tea gardens which forms the backbone of local economy. You may also visit Ranichera, Rungamatee or Gurjanjhora Tea estate which are all within 15 to 20 minutes drive from here. Drive about 12 kms north of Oodlabari to reach Patharjhora tea estate. This is the starting point of river Chel as three smaller streams meet here to form the river. This is a common picnic spot famous for its scenic beauty

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