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Mahakal Cave Small and Big

Jayanti is situated in the middle of the Buxa Tiger Reserve is often termed as Queen of Dooars. Mahakal Cave is the most famous tourist spot in Jayanti. The stalactite cave of Mahakal is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations of Hindus. It is located near Bhutan border and is famous sightseeing tourist destination of Jayanti. To reach Mahakal one has to trek through dense forest beautiful hill area which is famous for bird watching and it takes 1hour 30 minutes to reach the cave. There are three adjacent caves hosting idols of different gods and goddesses.

The first one has the idols of the trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara. The second and the middle one hold the idol of Lord Shiva while in the third one dwells the Goddess Mahakali. Shivratri festival is the best time to visit the Mahakali Cave where fair is organised in the town and it is celebrated intensely by every people out there. The trekking towards Mahakal cave is not at all tough and the tourist visiting Jayanti should definitely visit the Cave in any situation. Apart from pilgrimage spot, the whole journey towards the cave is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of environs closely. There is also a chance to see various colourful butterflies, chirping of unknown birds, varieties of trees, spices of herbs and many more. Basically the place seems beautiful throughout the year but it must be avoided during rainy season because the whole area becomes inaccessible including the cave.

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